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Our Christmas trees have been growing in our own plantations for at least 40 years and have been filtering the air and produce enough Oxygen for 30 people every year! Mulching the tree at the end of the season keeps your Christmas eco-friendly and carbon neutral! For ever tree we sell, we plant 5 on average!

For a modest collection fee we will recycle the tree you bought from us. The cut trees come back to begin a second career as wildlife shelter throughout the winter months; when the reindeer are turned out in spring the trees become their toys for the summer. The branches and tree stalks are then cut and made into our Speedolfs, as stocks require, and the remaining bits are burned. Even burning on our bonfire only releases the carbon stored during the tree’s lifetime, so is still very environmentally friendly.

Even the best artificial tree can never look, feel and smell as good as a real tree and has a realistic life span of 7 years in a home, followed by another 100 years as landfill!




Please note that we only sell pre-ordered trees. If you wish to buy a tree please email us at the address top right on our homepage.

Orders for trees are now closed. We will be reopening for orders on 1st Sept. with our price lists.

Ampney Crucis, Cirencester. GL7 5RS.

Open 18th November – 24 December

10am- 5pm Thursday- Saturday 

10am-4pm Sundays

Closed Monday – Wednesday except we are also open from 18th – 24th December.

Only open weekends until 30th November.


At our Cotswold Reindeer Herd site bring the family, take a look at our growing range of Christmas gifts, including our unique handmade reindeer antler jewellery from our very own naturally shed antlers.

Then why not take a walk through our Santa’s Forest to see our reindeer. Spend as long as you like with us!

View the map below or get in touch for directions to our site in Ampney Crucis.



We supply larger trees to many commercial customers, we can supply and deliver trees up to 20ft tall with our own transport, larger by arrangement.

Larger trees sell out quickly, so pre-ordering your tree with us before the season starts is a good idea.

We offer a service where we will deliver a tree (of any size), erect and decorate it with outdoor lights; and at the end of the season we will remove the tree for recycling. This is very popular with offices and shops, because they have the reassurance that their Christmas décor is not harming the environment, and they do not have the worry and expense of storage and disposal afterwards.

Outdoor LED lights, stands, brackets and tubs are available on request.


We grow and stock the two main types of Christmas trees:

  • Nordman (non drop and have a mild pine smell).
  • Norway Spruce (classic Christmas tree, ideal for cooler locations).
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Find us at The Cotswold Reindeer Herd in Ampney Crucis

18th November - 31st December

Ampney Crucis, Cirencester GL7 5RS, United Kingdom